Some Gothic Décor Ideas

If you are the kind that likes for your home to reflect that occasional dark side of you; to create an aura not just of medieval whimsy but also mystery, then perhaps Gothic design décor may be just the thing for you.

gothic themeAnd you don’t have to be sporting strange clothing, deathly make up and black nail polish to appreciate Gothic décor; you can utilize some ideas nevertheless.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Gothic Coloring: When you say gothic, the color black probably springs to mind, and indeed it is a color that can create an eerie atmosphere or impart just a few sophisticated touches to a room depending on how you work it.

A black accent wall could be an interesting design option if it is cleverly and well integrated into the whole look. It is important to be balanced when using it and not go overboard. Red is another color that can be used effectively for a gothic feel; it can create drama and impact.

Gothic Furniture: This is the great thing about the Gothic look; you can get with really cheap furniture. You can comb thrift stores, yard sales, clearance sales, flea markets, and even lumber yards for some really interesting stuff.

You should be looking for heavy and solid medieval looking pieces such as tables, chairs, chests, etc. You can even make use of things like discarded interestingly constructed doors to fashion a throne chair or a table top from it.

Gothic BedGothic accents: You should be looking out for wrought iron and dark wood for creating some atmosphere building accents. Adding plaster or wood molding can also make for an interesting decorative accent. Think brocade and heavy tapestry when you are thinking about bedding or furnishing for that gothic theme.

You can even be a little adventurous and go with some wall mounted gargoyles for an offbeat decorative element, or some heraldic emblems that evoke the sense of a bygone era perhaps.

And there is no reason why you shouldn’t indulge a whim to have something really eerie and startling around; see what a conversation starter that is going to be!

So if Gothic suits your fancy; it can be an economic option that will permit you to indulge your imagination. And with this design theme, it can be as eclectic as you want it to be, it is just that it should work as a whole. So while making sure that it isn’t too over the top, by all means go Goth!


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