Architectural Genius Brings Outdoors To Home

Most urban dwellers can only dream of their own garden or personal spaces. With most living in apartments, outdoors is a factor that doesn’t even cross their mind, but for those who value the outdoors and yearn for their own personal open spaces, Outdoor Living has come up with this spectacular architectural design.

This fantastic design offers compact apartments each with their own outdoor space. The apartments are between 47mt to 95mt. Each of these apartments are divided into two parts: an introvert zone and an extrovert zone. The introvert zone encompasses the entrance, bathroom(s), bedroom(s) and the stairs. The kitchen along with the living room is situated near the royal outdoor spaces. The elevation is transparent to add to the outdoor feel.

Each of these apartments is blessed with a 12mt garden which is about 80 cm deep and is constructed in concrete. The gardens and terraces have been designed such that each of them receives plenty of sunshine and one garden doesn’t obscure the view for another. They are designed in a way where each of them can be easily flaunted. The garden drainage is combined into the steel structure.

The apartments have a spectacular design in a successful effort to combine the great outdoors with urban living.

Source: Hofmandujardin


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