Money Saving and Easy Tips for Home Decor

Home decor has reached different levels of artistry these days and people do spend a fortune in decorating their homes at the best. However, there are many ways in which you can decorate your home without spending too much of money – cheap materials, discarded items and old materials can be made into the best home decor pieces! Yes, that is true. .Here are few tips and ideas that will help you to go on a money saving regime even if your desires for home decor is sky high –

money saving and easy tips for home decor

Use Low Wattage Bulbs

Lighting techniques can make and break a room! Use lighting in unique places and make sure they are of low watt, so that they not only make the ambience romantic but also gives a sophisticated look to the room.

Add Greenery to your Room

Plants in a room make it look alive. You can add real plants in the corners of the room; the foliage plants lasts longer in the indoors than flowering plants. Even a single palm leaf or slender flax in a giant vase strikes an elegant appeal to the room. Creating a small herb garden in the kitchen windowsill is also a great idea.

Flooring Ideas

In home decor, flooring plays a major role. If your floor has got some flaws, you can easily hide them with rugs made at home with woollen pompoms, laces or ropes. If you plan to change the entire surface of your flooring that would entail a huge cost, instead go for a quick fix option like rugs of different shapes, sizes and colours.

Storage with Art

Today’s world means living in small spaces for majority and that calls for abundance storage area as your needs and commodities would only increase day by day. When you order furniture, get tall bookshelves; they will be less in cost, look dramatic and also save space on the rest of the wall. Broken buckets can be repainted and used for storage under beds; cardboard boxes can also serve for the same purpose.

Fabric Decor Forms

Fabric is a time honoured way to present beauty – through embroidery, knitting, sewing and so on. If you have old rags at home that have different styles and motifs join them to get a unique drapery and use it as curtains, tablecloths, coasters etc. Many even use such ideas to cover up old broken walls and they do give a lovely look to the room.

Architectural Build Ups

This has emerged as a popular way of decorating your house with minimal cost. Take a painter’s tape and paint horizontal or vertical lines to make the room look bigger; creating different shapes with these tapes like rectangles and squares on the wall or frames of your furniture gives you an opportunity to use it as a photo frame. This is a useful tip if you want to visually expand the size of your room.

Painting Tumblers

If you have transparent glass tumblers at home that look drab and old, take some glass painting colours and draw patterns on them. If you are not so good at painting, just make small dots of myriad colours at the bottom and see the magical effect. You can also use one of these tumblers to keep a strand of flower on the dining table.

Home-Made Lampshades

Buying lampshades for home has actually become an old idea! Instead buy some chart papers of the colour that goes perfectly with the theme of your house and fold them in different shapes; cylindrical is the easiest, you can also make a box with sides open, or star shaped. Poke holes in a symmetrical order and fix the lighting gear within the shape made with cardboard. You will be surprised to see the mesmerizing effect it will create in exchange of almost nothing monetarily.

Curtain Holders

You can take some ribbons and join the making a vibrant chain or also used old ropes stacked in your backyard for hanging curtains. It will not only give a sophisticated look but you can actually save a good amount on the curtain clips.

There are thousands of cheap and clever home decor ideas that enliven your home with beauty and art keeping your bank balance intact. You just need innovative ideas, time and interest for this task. Do not forget the internet – just a click will lead you to numerous DIY home decors ideas that are cost effective.


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