Exclusive Ideas to Decorate your Wall with Pictures

Decorating a house is not an easy task – not only should it give a sense of comfort and warmth, it should also reflect the personality and the taste of the owner. Decorating the walls is a part of this process as walls are the first thing in the room that comes in notice.

Therefore, even if you choose to decorate the walls with pictures, you would definitely not wish your room to look like an art exhibition, or too detached from your personality. Therefore you should think well before you adorn the walls with various pictures. Here are some great tips –

ideas to decorate your wall with pictures

Decorating the Walls with Pictures

Before starting to decorate you need to make sure exactly how you wish your wall to look like. Here are some ideas for putting up pictures on your walls, which might help you to do the job, especially if you do not have much experience in decorating a wall.

  • If you are looking for a clean and classical look then chose photo frames of same or similar size and detail. For a classic look, any neutral color frame is your best choice. Also the pictures that are hung should belong to the same genre, and should not be too loud.  Make sure there is equal space between each frame, if you are following the grid pattern.
  • Alternatively, if you are looking to create a cool and casual outlook, you can hang the pictures in a clutter. Choose a theme color for picture, for example sepia. It is better that you stick to one specific color of frames, too, but the sizes and the shapes of the frames can vary. Then arrange them in a haphazard or asymmetrical way. Make sure that the rest of the room décor is also in sync with this kind of arrangement.
  • If you want to experiment a little more, you can also choose pictures of different shades, themes and frames, and arrange them as to give it a sense of bohemian clutter. In this case you do not need to be careful about if everything is matching with the décor, or not. This kind of set up produces an air of being free spirited.
  • If you wish to hang the creation of your children you will do well to choose a specific space or room. Pick up fun frames and designs, which go well with your children’s artwork. You can decorate one wall of the children’s room by using this.
  • While hanging famous artworks by well known artists, you must make sure the picture goes well with the ambience of the room. Lighting is also an important point in this respect. If it is a big painting it can be the centerpiece or if you have a number of artworks, you can hang them according to their themes, like in a gallery.

While decorating the walls with pictures, you must make sure that you have ample amount of space. Do not overdo the adornment aspect, because that can ruin the wall. Be careful while picking up one specific style of decoration, and do not mix two or more styles.


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