10 Ways to Design Small Spaces

Designing small spaces is quite a challenge given that you are constantly juggling to make it look as spacious as possible. Here are 10 tips to help you design and decorate small spaces.

1. Choose Light Color Schemes

We have heard this many times over, it makes sense to know and remember that walls which are colored in pastels reflect light. White is the best choice followed by cream and the other pastels in the spectrum. If the interior is too small then try using light colored furniture and upholstery.

2. Think Unconventional

While designing interiors, we tend to think on conventional lines and models. For instance, have you ever thought of placing a table lamp on the kitchen counter? Most probably not; the idea could be very useful in a small space where the counter can double up as a small study if you place a chair close to it. Choose your lamps from Inheritance

3. Go Multipurpose

Every inch comes at a premium in small spaces. So designing interiors with multiple uses is a good way to save space and enjoy more room. For instance, the space above a staircase can be used to store books or other items.

4. Ditch the Coffee Table

Bulky coffee tables are for spacious layout. For small spaces, side tables will do just fine. Placing stools in place of bulky seats can also help create more space. Choose ergonomic and space savings designs from Kartell.

5. Combine Design and Storage

In large cities such as New York where spacious dwellings are a luxury, space-saving ideas are highly appreciated. However, while designing one has to also consider practicalities of the residents and allow for sufficient storage space. The best way to do this is to choose furniture that doubles up as a storage unit too. Ottomans, sofas and beds can all serve the purpose of seating as well as storage.

6. Curb Wastage

In houses that allow only basic spaces, one has to use the room for more than one purpose. Hence a dining table should also accommodate a reading space, while a wall can form the side of a staircase to prevent eating away precious living room space.

7. Explore Makeshift Options

Hanging curtains to conceal storage area can be useful in saving space occupied by doors. Sliding doors are another equally good option. Make sure that these doors disappear into the wall if the need arises.

8. Think Out Of the Box

From placing a sink outside the bathroom to putting one outside the kitchen is great space saving ideas that are not available in any book. Get creative and think how to use your layout to the best possible.

9. Transformations

Use your imagination and convert furniture and space to suit your occasional needs. For instance, a banquette with storage underneath can be used as a bed during night when you are entertaining guests at home. Hanging ceiling lights over the foldable dining table is another great space saving tip for those who would like to transform the space into a large hall for parties.

10. Extensions

Creating rooms that flow is the name of the game when designing small spaces. For instance, the wooden flooring used in your kitchen can extend into the space outside to create an illusion of a larger room. Use of glass doors to demarcate is another technique of achieving extension.

When designing small spaces make sure you pick a flooring that suitable and bright. Check out a great flooring range here www.ukflooringdirect.co.uk/Oak_Flooring

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