Tips For Making Your Home More Interesting

room decorationYou can make any room in your home more comforting, more inviting, more entertaining, more exciting and more interesting by just a few simple steps.

First of all start by changing around some pieces of furniture- big pieces of furniture from one room to another.

Maybe move that home entertainment center from the living room to the den or the china cabinet from the dining room to the living room.

Or, consider taking doors off of cabinets or glass off of furniture doors so you can see into the piece of furniture and it will give the furniture a completely different look.

Now try moving around your artwork or other things you have hanging on your walls such as shelves and mirrors. Moving things around on your walls from room to room really can give your house and your rooms a completely different and remodeled look.

If you want a big and spacious look in your room – as most people do – you should have a white ceiling as do most people in their homes.

However, if you want to try something different and experiment with making your rooms feel differently, try painting your ceilings the color of an accent wall in the room.

Or try hanging things from the ceiling such as hanging potted plants or other decorative things.

Why be like everyone else in the world and have a coffee table in front of your couch? Try something new and different and exciting like putting an ottoman in the middle of the room in front of your couch or even a flower arrangement.

Candles might just be the least utilized decorative piece in any home. Candles can be used anywhere at any time. Candles don’t have to be lit ever but they can provide a room with warmth. A

nd, the sense of smell to humans is so important and triggers so many memories. Try traditional candles throughout your home in traditional areas and also try putting tea lights and votives near those traditionally placed candles.

How about tying fabric around the backs of the chairs in your dining room? If it is around the holidays you could tie tool cloth with holly and berry connecting the tool cloth behind the chair. This is a great way to spruce up a regularly boring and difficult to remodel dining room.

You really can change the look of the rooms in your home and make it look like your home was completely remodeled with just a few simple steps.


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