Let’s Talk About Smart And Functional Design

Have you ever needed more space on your shelves?

Were you ever annoyed by books or objects falling in the back of your pieces and furniture, which made them incredibly hard to recover? Have you ever thought your CD collection would just look so much better on 360 degrees shelf which would ensure a more refined display?

If yes, your demands are ready to be satisfied by the new and revolutionary concept of the 361° shelf tower designed by Fischerundfritze.

It stands freely in the room on a concrete base, it rotates 360° and is ideal for hosting CD and DVD collections, but can also fit in books or decorating items. The vast space will give you a great deal of material to use your imagination on, as well as various possibilities of ranging and display.

The available shapes and colors are just as numerous: you can choose nuances carrying from white to brown or even red. A detail you will need to pay a lot of attention on is the height (the shelves come in sizes from small to large) and the material which better fits your house’s style. The 361° by Fischerundfritze received the iF Product Design Award. The system furniture accompanies the user systematically.

Source: homedit


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