The “Three Rule” And Contrast For Making A Room Unique

living roomUsually the designers combine the contrasting colors in order to obtain amazing effects while the large majority of people choose “nice” combinations and matching nuances.

Seldom when everything matches in a room, that room tends to become boring and tiresome.

If you decide to decorate your room by yourself, try and break the monotony and bring in a spot of color. There is no need to exaggerate. You can use for example a decorative element in a lighter or darker tone than the dominant color like painting a wall in a different nuance than the others.

Another option will be to use an accessory (carpet, curtain, cushions or blankets) in a strong vibrant color. This will “underline” the space and give the room’s atmosphere a refreshing start offering it style and personality.

When it comes to either precious stones, art masterpieces, family photos or any other decorative items, you must keep in mind that when you are trying to integrate them in the space the “three rule” always applies. Two vases on top of the fireplace are too little…four are too many…three is the perfect number.

The combination of three different items of the same size is emphasizing the ensemble effect and results in a very elegant look.

The used objects don’t necessary have to be precious so…candles, decorative vases, jewelry boxes, photo frames, can be combined for a unique effect.


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