How To Incorporate Mosaic Touches In Your Home?

Mosaic furnitureMosaic is something that is made up of diverse elements; that can come together to make a stunningly original whole.

It can be a picture, furniture, garden accents, made up of glass, stone, etc, which would typically be inlaid or similarly fitted to give an appearance of exclusivity.

Mosaic furniture or mosaic accents need not be as pricey as one expects; for the more ambitious, it is possible to add small mosaic details onto furniture or decorative elements in and around the house using ceramic tiles, pebbles and stones, colored glass and bits of mirror as well.

You can actually get started with some broken plates and glasses, ceramic tiles, mirrors etc; the more colorful the better. Make sure that you source material that is the same thickness and is even and flat (without ridges, slopes or uneven thickness).

For this reason many find that they can get great results by buying multi colored ceramic tiles and then breaking them to get the shards that form the basics for your mosaic art work. And if using tiles, it is generally recommended that you go in for wall tiles as against flooring tiles.

A simple mosaic will be a random but pleasingly colorful arrangement of colored pieces of tile, glass etc., however a mosaic that actually forms a patter or a picture is a job that requires a lot of planning, and considerable skill as well.

You can choose to mosaic a piece of furniture already in your home, such as a single chair, or a table (you could do just the table top or just the legs or all of it, depending on what you’re aiming for).

In the alternative, you can create interesting accents for your garden by making use of mosaic decoration. If you have a lawn with stepping stone, you can make those stepping stones a lot more interesting by inlaying them with patterns of glass, beads, pebbles, crystals, mirrors, stones etc.

In the alternative you can make your own stepping stones by using molds you can buy at your local dollar store or any large circular mold you can find.

If your stepping stones turn out really good you may want to hang them up as unusual art rather than use them as garden stepping stones. Whichever way you decide to do it, mosaic decoration can be a great DIY endeavor that can involve and interest the entire family; for some mosaic ideas and deals, visit here.


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