Rugs Runners And Throws To Create Interesting Home Accents

room decorationEither because you feel the need for change, or because you now find that the minimalist look of your drawing room is looking a bit dated, or simply because the sameness of an area of the home is now beginning to pall a bit, you may be thinking of some change!

But don’t go redecorating just yet; there are other ways to make some inexpensive changes and additions to your home that can transform the way that it looks!

Throw pillows or blankets create a new and interesting focal point for a room. It you have a vintage shawl or a silk, cashmere or taffeta blanket, even that can be used as an interesting throw to highlight a couch or chair in a room.

You can drape it fully over an item of furniture or even place it folded or flat over it. In the alternative you can hang or drape such an interesting fabric on the wall in much the same way that you would a tapestry hanging or a work of art. This can instantly add color to an area of the room and up the style quotient of the room.

This way you can work an interesting contrast into the room[room decoration ideas] in terms of color as well as textures. This is an arrangement that can further be enhanced by some interesting spot lighting.

A runner can be placed along or on top of a piece of furniture or as an addition to another item of furniture fabric. For instance you can add a runner to a bed’s counterpane to instantly up its appeal and draw the eyes.

You can also use a runner to add some drama or a touch of color to a plain table cloth: for instance a pale colored table cloth will instantly increase its appeal when you add to it a dramatically colored table runner in a contrasting shade or even in a darker shade of the same color. Or a runner can be used for your side board or hutch by itself, a decorative element in itself.

Even a very small rug placed strategically can really fill up a boring or bare area in a room. It can add a warmth and coziness to a room that the bare boards may not be able to.

A bright and cheerful addition to a room, a rug can completely alter how that part of the room looks. You can either color coordinate the rug with the rest of the furniture or create interesting contrasts, depending on personal tastes.


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