Organic, Green Materials For Home Interiors

interior decorationThe well-known fashion designer, Clodagh is one of the chief advocates of the new trend that has hit the East Coast, widely known as the California-style conservation and green design.

She had in fact already started her campaign thirty years ago, when the conservation and recycling of material was considered as a hippy trend.

Now in her book on interior designing, she proposes an alternative decorative style, with floors made from old beams found in old barns and discarded railroad links.

There are also some ideas for headboards, made from old stubs of trees also used to make stools. She utilizes wood remnants for most of her interior decoration, blending the natural colour of wood with the more austere concrete interior surroundings.

She greatly emphasizes the importance of the interior environment for the family’s well being, not only on a psychological level but also with regards to health.

The recycled materials we use in our homes are natural elements, which permeate a natural and pleasant smell; they feel and look lovely, they are in fact a natural remedy to all our ailments.

When planning new interiors, Clodagh often calls on experts to obtain new  home energy-efficient ideas, using anything from wood to lighting systems. She stresses the importance to use wood in everyday objects and not in useless panelling.

Flooring material is also vital for houses with children who often lie and play on it, it is therefore important it should be natural and free from toxic elements.

She stresses the problem of some woods being shipped from countries across the ocean, and advises the use of American walnut, to help preserve our planet.


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