Musty Towels: How To Get The Smell Out?

musty towelsPerhaps you have small children that leave their bath towels in a pile.

Or it could be that you went to your local swimming hole and didn’t hang your towels properly to dry.

No matter why your towels have that musty, mildew odor, we can show you how to get them smelling fresh once again.

Ridding the Smell with Vinegar

When you wash your towels using this method, you will use hot water with no detergent. Instead, use one cup of vinegar and add it to the water. [Natural cleaning products]

Let the washer run. When the washer has gone through its entire cycle you will then wash them again using a mild detergent.

Again let the cycle complete and if you are able, hang the towels out to dry in the sun. This will definitely rid your towels of their musty odor.

Get a Little Tougher with Ammonia

Using hot water put the towels into the machine. Use liquid detergent but do not use any other kinds of products such as fabric softener. When the rinse cycle begins you add a cup of ammonia.

Repeat the rinse cycle using fresh water and dry them the same way as you did with the vinegar method if you are able. If not, use your dryer along with dryer sheets.

Overnight Soaking

Get a bucket that will be large enough to hold the towels. Using hot water, add enough water so that they are covered. Use one cup of ammonia and add it to the water.

Let the towels soak overnight in the water and ammonia mixture. The next day, run them through the rinse cycle of your washing machine. Make sure they are dried thoroughly before you store them away.

Tips to Avoid Towels Smelling in the First Place

  • Never leave your towels for long periods of time in the washer once the cycle is completed.
  • If you can, hang your towels outside to dry in the sun.
  • Avoid storing your towels in humid areas such as shelves that are open.
  • Store freshly washed towels in a moisture free cabinet that is closed.
  • Avoid hanging too many towels on one hook. Use single hooks, one for each towel to be hung.

Keeping your towels smelling as clean as they look is not a task that is difficult. Take a few precautions and you will have towels that smell like a fresh, new day.


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