Industrial Tones And Vibrant Blue For Home Decorating Ideas

Decorating homes were never so creative and fun before.

Unexpected colors, getting well with unexpected furniture and various kinds of creative color and shape options can change a house into a home with unique styles and personality.


Thinking about the newest trends of 2009-2010, generally tones of blue, brown and white provide the core colors.

Shades and pastel tones get on well with each other with a touch of different colors such as blue which evokes the sea, white which reminds of the sand and yellow which celebrates the sun.


This year and the coming year both welcome industrial tones which used to be avoided while decorating walls and as furniture colors. However, those colors can be fit with joyful colors for brighter effects.

Also vibrant blue is very well combined with grey and yellow tones to give a romantic and peaceful home décor.


Also tones which remember the sun might be useful for homes which do not see the sunlight so often. Those bright colors can be associated with white and lighter tones to brighten up the rooms and the overall look of the house.

The industrial color notes are up to create an interior with personality, a creative environment for a busy person, a design meant to bring to surface a period of facing the worst fears and conquer them with pride and glory.

Source :  Sico


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