Increasing Energy Efficiency With Curtains And Window Coverings

curtainEnergy efficiency is not just about saving your hard earned money but also about doing your bit for conservation of resources and minimizing your carbon footprint.

If you think about it, what is good for you is actually also good for the environment, as is true in this and several other instances.

Good and effective insulation is the best method for increasing energy efficiency of a home or work environment because this is what makes it possible for you to lower your electricity bills which are largely composed of heating and cooling components. This is particularly true for windows, which is the main channel for heat or cold to enter a house.

What good insulation does is it also decreases the amount of noise that enters the house, because it muffles the sound from outside, letting less of it into the house.

Thermal Curtains: These are usually heavy drapes[window drapes] or curtains that are made with an insulating lining so that they form a kind of barrier at the window, preventing loss of heat or cool air from within the house as well as keeping the elements at bay more effectively.

Pinch pleated curtains or box pleated with foam thermal backing come in different widths and sizes and are an attractive addition to the room. No longer do you have to suffer thermal curtains that look like unattractive burlap sacking.

Thermal blinds or Roman shades: Wide vertical blinds are available which are made from cotton and have thermal backing. Similarly roman shades with thermal backing can be used either by themselves or behind your drapes.

Glazing or Insulating Glass Units: This works in a way much like a thermos flask does to keep things inside cold or hot. Here as well a vacuum is created between two layers of glass (or three layers as the case may be), creating an insulating barrier that reduces heat loss, noise and condensation.

Now three layers or triple glazing is becoming even more popular with ever rising energy costs and increasing environmental awareness.

Making the extra effort and expenditure right now, may actually pay for itself in the long run, when your heating and cooling bills are considerably reduced, so that the extra outlay at present will be well compensated later. The resale value of well insulated homes is higher as well so that you are actually adding to the value of your home due to insulation.


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