A New Concept Of Living Room Trends For 2010

The New Year cheer comes with lots of chocolates, cakes, delicious new year meals and of course the new concept of what to wear and how to decorate ideas.

For 2010, decorating homes covers probably the most important places and the living rooms meet new concepts and ideas.


In 2010, Asian, 60’s and global decorations are highly recommended to be mixed to create a new concept for the rooms in which we spend most of our time while at home.

Antique tapestries, vintage coffee tables and leather ottomans would give a romantic look to the room while bringing into it the vintage soul.

In addition, antique lamps would share the same atmosphere with simple understated sofas and chairs carrying only minimal detailing.


Being minimal and being vintage are yet to become famous this year with bright colors complemented with earthly colored touches in cushions and curtains. To finish the look, earth colors are also being used on the rugs that cover the surface of the vintage living room.


For small areas, modular furniture can be placed for practical usage or simply to keep a stylish casual look. Also for ecology lovers, materials that are eco-friendly are highly preferable when used for chairs and slipcovers.


Bringing simple, bright furniture with vintage soul together creates unique and unforgettable combinations for a fashionable 2010 living room.


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