From Dusty to Glamour on a Small Budget

Do you have some old items that you are thinking about throwing away? Well, think again. Try to see in these items the potential that they have in case you offer them some attention and you make some changes to them.

One of the greatest examples for this extreme makeover involves an old dressing table. Usually these tables come with drawers. Find some nice wallpaper that you think would be suitable for the style of the table and glue it over the drawers. Change the position of the wallpaper until you will be happy with the results.

Home Decorations in Small Budget

Naturally first you will have to paint the dresser to match the style of the rest of the room. After applying the wallpaper all you have to do is to apply a coat of sealer to protect both the wallpaper and the painting.

You can add a unique look to your room, by using certain elements that might be quite unusual. For instance you might add a mirror to the room, but naturally, not just any kind of mirror. You can look for an old closet door that you can find at a home improvement store.

This would be the frame of the mirror. To get a decorative element above the mirror, you can use a piece of paintable textured wall covering. In the end the mirror can be surrounded by a decorative trim to achieve the classy and stylish look that you would like it to have.

Allow nature to get into your home through some decorative elements. If you have an old table that is begging to be restored, the top of the table can be decorated with thin river stones.

Use glue to stick the stones to the table and fill the space between them with acrylic grout. Once you are done wipe the stones with a damp towel and leave them dry for about a day. Then fill the new spaces with acrylic grout again.

If you would like to give the room a vintage look, you can start with a little item, like a side table. A really creative idea is to cut out an old travel poster and glue it to the side of the table. Apply the glue to the entire side of the table with the help of a brush. Then submerge the poster in water and leave it for about 10 seconds.

Glue the poster to the table while the glue is still wet. In order to get rid of the excess glue, air and water, use a wet sponge or brayer. It takes about a day for the glue to dry and once it has dried, apply three coats of sealer to protect the surface.

A bar might be a really stylish addition to just any room. This can be easily done through converting a commercial worktable. All you have to do is to make some holes for the over the counter faucet and sink. In order to hide the plumbing, install a paneling in the front that matches the rest of the table.

Use your imagination and shake the dust of the old items you consider fit for garbage. Upcycling is a trend able to make any dusty item into a vintage treasure.


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