What Recent Trends Say about Baby Nursery Decoration?

For those families that are preparing for the arrival of a new baby it might be really important to have a makeover of a room in order to turn it into a nursery. So what are the current trends regarding the nurseries?

Mix the patterns

According to the latest trends in case you would like to have a fashionable nursery there is need to mix the different patterns, such as dots and stripes and it is also a good idea to add a monogrammed floral illustration to the wall.

Baby Nursery Decoration Ideas(photo credit: bhg.com)

In order for the crib to have the same style as the rest of the room, you could add pale pink bunny finials to the classic piece of furniture as well as a scallop edge headboard and footboard.

As a finishing feminine touch you could also have a lengthy crib skirt that should have a matching color.

Modern nursery

In case you would like to have all the modern elements of a crib, but you are afraid that the results will be too cold for the little one, you could also add some playful elements to create a balance. As an example, you could add a starburst over the crib that would create dimension and the same item can be adapted to different styles as the little one grows.

How about the glider?

In case of many parents having a glider in the nursery is a must and in case you are planning on using it often you may want to make a special investment to make sure that the midnight feedings will be as comfortable as possible.

There are some parents who are willing to pay for stain protection regarding the rocker and the ottoman. Also you might want to have a cushier down seat.

Nursery and culture

You can bring your own culture in the nursery as well. As an example in case you have Indian ancestry, you could have color-swirled saris and paisley motif. There could also be some architectural elements around the bookshelf and the window that represent the culture of the family.

Other elements that could be used for this purpose also include the floor pillows. Add deep colors and rich fabrics with a bit of gold to add personality to the room.

Room to grow

It is a trend among parents to create a room that the little one could grow up in, that is versatile and easy to change.


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