How to Upgrade a Bathroom from Old to Vintage

Bringing a bathroom to life doesn’t mean that you have to change everything in it; just update the fixtures, floors and find new solutions for storage and the old bathroom will be as good as new. Naturally you won’t have to worry about the expenses either.


Your bathroom could get a new personality in case you offer it matching accessories. As an example, you could add a silver accent to the medicine cabinet. This could be even better in case you have metal outlet covers.

Bathroom from Old to Vintage

Tiles on the countertop

A lot of people opt for the stone slab, but the tile counters are also water resistant, they are a lot less expensive than stone slabs and they are easy to install DIY style. For example you could choose terra-cotta colored tiles and add a white wood edging (especially in case the vanity is white as well). In order to prevent water from getting to the wood, consider adding a bead of clear caulk.


You don’t necessarily have to change the cast-iron claw-foot tub and sink; you also have the possibility to reglaze them instead and so you will be able to save some money. Buying new ones could cost up to $2,000, but reglazing costs only about $800.


If you happen to have wood flooring in the bathroom you could bring it to life by brushing it with glossy porch paint tinted to have a color that is suitable for the style of the bathroom.

Towel rack

You don’t have to be thinking about something very expensive. There are many different kinds of towel racks that you can find at flea markets for a bargain. All you have to do is to make sure that you seal the aged finish with clear polyurethane.

Create a custom wallpaper

It is not that difficult to do as it seems at first. Just take the pages of a vintage book. Add paper paste to the back of the pages and stick them to the wall. To make sure that your work will last, seal the entire surface with a clear top coat.


In many cases people don’t have the space for a traditional hinged door, and so you might opt for a sliding one. There are a lot of salvaged doors that you could find, such as a schoolhouse door that glides on a wall-mount track. To have more light, choose a door with glass in it.


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