Septic Repair 101 – Preventing A Major Septic System Malfunction

Your septic system problems can save you thousands of dollars on septic repair if you only knew what causes the problems and what are the maintenance procedures you must follow to prevent backups and leaks. It will also be good for you to know that there are new septic repair technologies developed that require no major digging of your lawn or backyard.

septic repairMajor septic repair requires several steps from inspection, pumping out waste out of a septic tank, evaluation of the leach field and other problems, and assuring that every part of the entire system is working properly.

All these septic repair procedures need professional services and it will do you more help to know how to prevent septic problems before a major disaster occurs.

Common Problems Leading To Septic Repair And How You Can Prevent Them

A good septic water draining system is of utmost importance to keep your septic system functioning properly and major septic repair problems usually involve this process.

Heavy Flow of Waste Water – Your waste water comes from washing clothes, cleaning cars and large household equipment, heavy water flow from the shower and use of bathtubs are some of them. This heavy flow of water overwhelms the septic system and takes more time in draining and over time this will have major septic repair requirements due to wear and tear.

Prevention: To avoid major septic repair schedule heavy use of water throughout the week like washing clothes twice or thrice a week instead of doing all the washing over the weekend. Wet cleaning should also be spread throughout the week not falling during wash days. Adjust the flow of water supplying the shower and flush tanks and if you use the bathtub, schedule it when no one else is using the water supply or better yet, limit using them.

Use of Chemicals – House cleaning agents, pesticides, drain cleaners and detergents with harsh chemical content can also damage your septic system.

Prevention: Use only these chemicals if you really have a need for it and do not make it as part of your regular cleaning to avoid unnecessary problems that will require septic repair.

Improper Use of Garbage Disposal – Flushing paper towels, facial tissues and other sanitary pads can lead to sludge buildup and cause clogging of your septic system.

Prevention: To prevent septic repair avoid flushing heavy materials especially those with plastic properties in your toilet, although paper towels are biodegradable it still affects the draining capacity of your septic system.

Natural Causes – Large tress whose roots grow near or through your sewage system can cause problems that will need major septic repair. Water coming from road gutters and runoff from hills can cause water overload and lead to problems with drainage. Septic tanks located where heavy equipments and vehicles pass by may cause major system breakdown and require major septic repair.

Prevention: To prevent major septic repair problems, do not plant trees near your septic system or avoid constructing them near large trees in your backyard. Construction of your septic system should carefully consider getting through main roads and other water drainage systems.

More Septic Repair Prevention Tips

It will be wise to have your septic system checked for sludge buildup every three to five years, this way pumping them out and doing septic repair regularly will save you from headache. During calamities like heavy rains and flooding, be on the lookout and have a septic repair evaluation before any problem shows up.

Get professional septic repair services so you are assured that clean up and repair is done correctly. This may cost you more, but you are definitely assured of quality septic repair. One way to check authenticity of a septic repair service is to ask for a permit. Septic repair services that maintain a certain safety standard will be happy to show you their credentials.

Lastly, be sure to ask for a written septic repair evaluation sheet after completion of the job so you will have a proper log of previous septic repair done for future references.


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