The Fall Decoration Trends of 2011

In the moment when the majority of kids get back to school we have to realize that summer is over and this means that we have to be looking for new decorations to enhance the rooms and to keep up with the current trends.


One of the major trends this fall is to have exotic lighting. Although they seem a little out of common, they are still affordable. It looks like people tend to forget that lighting is a great way to bring out the personality of a room. Think about pendants in case you are looking for some lighting above a table or a bed.

Fall Decoration Trends

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You don’t need a large chair to have a piece of furniture with personality. The trend this fall is to have smaller chairs that come with big personality. Don’t overwhelm the room with enormous pieces: opt for the smaller ones that are able to enhance the look of the room. Usually the personality of the chair is given by the pattern that it has.

Kid’s furniture

The major trend in case of children’s furniture is for it to be sophisticated and in the same time functional. There are numerous items that come in neon colors.

Colors and textures

Don’t think that there are taboo colors; don’t be afraid to use colors that are a bit out of the common to offer the room an exotic look and to make the furniture look like they have been brought from a faraway place. Also think about those textures that normally you wouldn’t opt for. This way you will be able to widen your horizons.

Bright colors

Normally people think of classic colors when it comes to outdoor furniture. Nonetheless when decorating the outdoor areas you don’t necessarily have to play it safe. Consider the items with bright colors and unique shapes. One of the colors that make the majority of people smile is tangerine. Such an item can be classic and modern in the same time.


Although a lot of people don’t really think about them, the rugs have a word to say in the look and personality of a room. A lot of designers think that the rug should be the starting point of a room. This can offer color to the room and also texture, not to mention the shapes. In this season nobody should play it safe when it comes to the new rugs.


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