Stainless Steel Wall Covering and Ceilings – New Concepts to Decorate Your Interiors

Stainless steel wall coverings and ceilings are considered as the best alternative to wood, ceramic, fabric, and stone. In addition to providing such advantages as safety, durability, being low cost and easy maintenance, they are also seen as hygienic and most eco-friendly products for your interior decoration.

They can also be taken care of with minimum maintenance as you can easily clean them by just wiping off with a damp cloth or a paper towel while being eco-friendly. Durable while also being fire proof and water proof is what makes them an ideal choice for designing and decorating your interiors and exteriors stylishly and elegantly.

Discussed below are a few of the designs from the Designed Stainless Steel Products USA, Inc. (DSP USA Inc.).

Stainless steel tile as art wall for your living room

Stainless Steel Wall Covering

This Inoxta standard wall tile from DSP USA Inc. can be used as an alternative to ceramic tiles to decorate your interiors. It is made of genuine stainless steel and is available in various dimensions to suit your needs. It is available in different colors while being eco-friendly.

Premium mosaic tile for your kitchen

Stainless Steel Wall Covering 2

This Mosaic wall tile which is flexible and bendable is suitable for your kitchen. It comes with a coating that has anti-bacterial and anti-finger print properties.

Wallpaper type stainless steel covering

Stainless Steel Wall Covering 3

This Vernox sheet type premium wallpaper in stainless steel mimics the customary wallpaper but makes all the difference when it come to cleaning and maintenance that is unlikely with the traditional wallpapers.

Stainless steel wall covering for your bathrooms

Stainless Steel Wall Covering 4

This again is a wallpaper type stainless sheet covering ideal for your bathrooms from Vernox which comes with a galvanized backing. It is available in different sizes and colors to suit your needs. All it needs is some adhesive for installation without the need for grouting.


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