Lighting Trends from Lervik Design

With the rising demand in reduction of energy use and costs, LED and other greener lighting systems are considered to be the best options for your home improvement while also adding up as decorative elements in your home.

Depicted here are some of the latest lighting trends from Lervik Design that are sure to meet your indoor lighting needs.

Darkness Lamp

This decorative darkness lamp serves practical purposes and creates a versatile atmosphere in the interiors of your home. The light gives the impression of an ordinary lamp. But there’s nothing inside the shade of the lamp except darkness surrounded by its light giving the light its name.

LED Bulb

This bulb with LED lights inside reflects any ordinary light bulb . It comes with Led lights inside capable of illuminating any king of object. It can be in used in all kinds of environment and can be used in almost all normal bulb lamps.

Rainbow Lamp

The Rainbow lamp by Lervik Design is a combination of 300 diods that are connected to the steel frame. It is ideal for your ceiling especially when you want to reflect different patterns or images that move across the lamps shade.

Wire Lamp

The WIRE table lamp is designed out of thin steel wires that are carefully painted and the shade of the lamp reflects various patterns of light and shadow all around the place depending on where you place it and from where you look at it.


This Ballet lamp is made out of cutting edge LED technology. The pipe’s outer shell will light up while the inner tube remains pitch black except for the light projection of a tiny ballet dancer.


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