Exciting Feng Shui Tips For Your Dream House

It is important to remember that feng shui is neither an art, nor is it a philosophy.

It is simply the method of living in complete and perfect harmony with one’s environment.

If you are building a new house, or moving into one, or are simply interested in changing a few things in your present home, you can try out these feng shui tips and see what happens…

  • In your bedroom, the space must be treated as a sort of sacred area where an adult or even a child must be able to retreat into, and find peace in. since we all spend almost a third of our lives in our bedrooms, it is very important that this room should be balanced and serene. For this, the bed must never be arranged in line with the door; there should be space on both sides to allow the harmonious flow of your relationship. Never store anything under the bed. Make sure the colors of the walls, the closets and even the bed linen are serene and bring you joy, instead of sorrow and depression.
  • The main entrance to your home must be given special consideration, as per feng shui. Compared to the ‘mouth’ of the house, it is the gateway between the outside world and your haven, and the positioning of the door can make or break your fortunes.
  • The living room, where guests are entertained, or where the family gathers, must be a harmonious place.
  • The kitchen is not given too much of importance according to feng shui, because in general, a person spends less than a couple of hours there everyday. However, it is important that the kitchen must not be the first place that one sees when one enters the house.
  • The toilet must never be too close to the living or sleeping areas, and it must never be the first room one sees when one enters the house.

If you are confused about how to start, here are a few tips for you:

  • Clear out first, all the clutter within your home. This will allow harmonious energy to enter.
  • Allow good quality air and light to enter your home through the day. You can use air purifiers, or keep your windows open.
  • Learn more about the elements of the ancient art of feng shui, and let happiness enter your home.


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