Relation Between Color And Feng Shui Home Decorating!

Feng Shui Home DecoratingNowadays feng shui is becoming most popular around the world.

It is an ancient skill of arrangement and color practice that is supposed to promote stability and flow of energy in a given space.

Most of you don’t trust the idea of feng shui, but if you consider some of the fundamental principles of this method to your home and office, it will help you to manage your virtual business more efficiently. Here are some feng shui principles.

The main goal of feng shui is to organize your home in such a manner to enhance your feelings of comfort and safety.

This in turns positively affects your health, attitude, and also your success level. Feng shui home decorating maximizes the positive influences while minimizing the negative ones.

Feng shui principles:

  • First and foremost principle of feng shui that should be considered and followed is “positive energy attracts positive energy”. If talking in our words, positive thoughts will lead to positive things to happen in our lives.
  • Modern feng shui includes many factors like aromatherapy, air quality, and the use of color.
  • Feng shui home decorating involves the placement of things and object which will affect the flow of energy within your house.
  • Also, feng shui refers to how these objects interact and influence our personal energy flow.
  • Feng shui maintains the balance and harmony by using the right furniture, color and light.

Color and feng shui home decorating:

Wall painting is also a way to decorate your home. The colors you select will influence the way you feel while you are in the home. In order to improve the way you feel and to decorate your home, you need to paint, but also you need to choose right colors to paint.

In order to do this, you need to think the manner color influences your spirit, personality, and your likes and dislikes in a room or any place in your home. For example, some of you feel the dark colors as cool and relaxing, while some others feel them as depressing and anxiety inducing.

The most important thing is you need to identify the usual responses related with different colors, and observe how you respond to color prior to painting a room or place in your home.

Did you move through the area where you felt especially calm? Did you observe the colors in that place? So, pay some attention to colors as you move through your everyday activities. You may observe that some colors can cause positive responses in you and some others can cause negative.

Green and blue colors are referred to as calming and relaxing ones. Red is the stimulating one, but not always. So, just consider these while doing feng shui home decorating. You need to think about the type of environment that you want to create.

Bright colors irritate most of the people, so consider this while painting your home. Darker rooms are the symbol of depression and tiredness. It doesn’t mean that all dark colors are bad.

First find out what colors you like and what colors you need to avoid while following feng shui home decorating. After completing this, you can paint freely.

Popular colors to decorate your home:

Have you interested in decorating your home with colors? Here are some popular colors with their meanings from which you can select. Along with the selected color, use feng shui home decorating.


This is the symbol of peace and calm. This color is perfect for any room of your home to bring peace. You may be surprised by knowing the fact that, it acts as appetite suppressant.

If you want to remain slim and trim, you can consider it to paint your kitchen. Some darker shades of blue are the symbol of depression.


Green is a nurturing color and considered as relaxing one. Some of you consider that it conveys good luck and for others it represents nature or a natural environment.

On the other hand, green can also represent jealousy or envy. So, it is better to control your feelings around this color.


This color is full of vitality and energy. It is suitable for a creative and lively environment.


Red creates a passionate environment that is full of energy, heat or power. Most of you prefer to combine red with rich cream colors while painting to your bedroom.

For some people red motivates the feelings of aggression or irritation. So, make sure that you evaluate your response before painting.


White comes in different shades. If you select pure white, you may be inspired by feelings of purity, or you may be encouraged by clinical environment in your home. White is a symbol of inner tranquility and a sense of humility. In some traditions, white is a symbol of death.


This color inspires the feelings of joy, pleasure, hope, a sense of fresh or cleanliness, reminds people of the sunshine. For some people, yellow is the symbol of danger and hazards. It is better to consider a pale shade to contradict this effect.

Make sure that you test these colors and spend some time for each color and decide which one is best for your home. It is better to purchase the fabrics of these colors and select what colors you like the best and what energy they offer you with.

Feng shui home decorating is the most popular way to decorate the interior of your home. You can hire a feng shui home decorating expert or you can follow the above mentioned tips to create a peaceful and well decorated home.

Just make an effort and observe the outcome, whether it makes any changes in your life or not.


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