Art Deco Or Traditional Style For A Welcoming Home

home decorationWhen deciding how to furnish your home you may wonder whether to decorate with a taste towards art deco or you may find yourself being drawn by the traditional style.

Both styles have their own way of making a space feel like home.

Choose accessories that match your tastes and find furnishings that make your space welcoming.

If you like things sleek and streamlined, you may appreciate the Art Deco style.

If you find that you tend towards a more subtle feel for your home, you may like the traditional style of decorating better. If you’re wondering what the differences are, here are a few tips to help you find the look you are looking for.

Art Deco began sometime post World War I and it brings together fabric, and fashion with sleek, modern touches and geometric shapes. Art Deco is streamlined and often uses velour and other smooth pieces to pull it all together.

The traditional style of home decoration is classic and understated, with soft, matching furniture, and tones from its English and French roots. Traditional decorations are often quiet, the kind of style you would see in a showroom.

Art Deco home decoration is much flashier than traditional home decor. It is still comfortable but lacks texture. Surfaces and furniture are smooth and plain and artwork is often modern with bold patterns. Because its roots are in the 1920’s and 1930’s there are many chromes, silver touches.

Art Deco flooring is often geometric designed rugs or checkered tiles. Colors are minimal with silver or nickel accents. You’ll find flower or peacock motifs and many lacquered furnishings.

On the other hand, traditional home decoration is often calming; there are no mismatched furniture or glaring designs and shapes. With Art Deco, floral patterns are used, but in a more subdued sense.

Rich colors and light colors appear all over this style and muted tones for accessories match the orderly feel of the space. Traditional decorations is often casual and relaxing and never fussy. Curtains are neutral and artwork is often softer brushes and palette. This is not the place for hard edges and outright contrasts.

When you decorate your home, make sure you find it relaxing and comfortable. Whether you choose the more traditional home style of decoration or the Art Deco, buy pieces that fit your style.

If you like the sweeping lines and symmetry of Art Deco or the subtle and casual elegance of the traditional make your space inviting and calm. Who’s to say you can’t use touches from both?


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