Gas Or Electric For The Dream Oven

gas ovenElectric oven versus gas oven is the topic of frequent debate between people who dabble in cooking.

Natural gas ovens are what restaurant chefs go crazy over, but cooks like the evenness in temperature with the electric ovens.

If you are in the market for a new oven and cannot decide whether to purchase a gas oven or an electric oven here are a few pros and cons for each.

Electric ovens control heat better, keeping a more even temperature, and they broil better too. Some people claim that they have a more dependable baking time as well.

They are also easier to clean since many are self-cleaning and are often times cheaper to run. The fans used in electric ovens help keep the temperature balanced throughout the interior. However, many people agree that it is slower to heat up and cool down.

Gas ovens heat up faster and cool down quicker than electric ovens. Bakers swear by it because it delivers higher loaves and softer cakes due to the water that is expelled as a by-product.

However, gas can be combustible and so there is an air pollution problem with it. Inhaling the fumes can be bad for your health. Also, gas ovens tend to be pricier when you purchase them at the store.

Remember that electric ovens should be installed by an electrician while gas ovens should be installed by someone who is certified to install them. When purchasing an oven try to purchase a convection one, whether it is fueled with gas or electricity, because it cooks at a lower temperature, faster and more evenly.

Also you have to keep in mind costs, if you plan on baking or broiling for long periods of time and remember that it may cost more to run a gas oven than electric oven.

The debate continues between people who have one or the other. People who use electric ovens swear by them, while gas oven users absolutely love their oven. When buying one remember prices, how hands off you want to be when cleaning it, how often will you use it and what are you using it for.

Make sure that whatever oven you choose will be agreeable in your home. Double check that you can use a gas oven and have the correct pipes for it and that there is supplier in your area.

Another idea is having something between the two, so that you have a gas stovetop while having an electric oven or vice versa.

Once you have chosen you too can bring your thoughts to the debate as well.


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