How To Correctly And Appropriately Use Stencils To Re-Design Rooms In Your Home?

stencilStenciling on walls has become quite the trend lately.

People are stenciling in dining rooms, living rooms, hallways, bathrooms, bedrooms and home offices.

Stenciling is usually done in the form of words such as “dream” “live” “love” and “laugh” although oftentimes people are stenciling complete phrases like the serenity prayer, The Irish Blessing, among many others.

People are also opting to stencil designs in their homes. The benefit to stenciling a design is it can literally change the look of the entire room without paint, wallpaper or new furniture. Stenciling is very inexpensive as well.

You can stencil yourself or you can have someone stencil for you. To save money you may want to take it upon yourself however personally I do not want to be responsible for stenciling a word across the wall in my dining room.

Things to keep in mind when you are deciding where you want to put a stencil are, is this somewhere you think you will want this stencil for some time? For example, if you put stencils next to a structure in your home that is immobile you will most likely be happy with its placement.

Stenciling above or next to a toilet or sink is always a good idea as chances are you will be happy with that spot for a very long time. If you are happy with where your bed, dresser, or home office desk are placed you could also stencil next to or above those items.

Stencils are the perfect way to freshen up an area in your home that you would rather keep looking simple and not clutter up with items such as candles or shelves. Stencils are the perfect touch to show off your personality as well.


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