7 Celebrities with an Amazing Taste in Home Décor

Celebrities have played a huge part in popularising the importance of home décor. Many such celebrities have proven that if money is invested right, you will enjoy the taste of superior comfort for a long time. Keeping this in mind, we thought of writing a piece on such celebrities.

Home décor is a fascinating phrase, but one has to have an inspiration to get home décor done right—you can seek motivation from these huge personalities. With their individual inputs in home décor, people know them beyond their stardom.

7 Celebrities with an Amazing Taste in Home Décor

So, without further ado, here are a list seven celebrities with an amazing taste in home décor:

1. Ellen Degeneres

Ellen Degeneres is one of the most influential celebrities in the world. She is known for her global-hit talk show as well as charitable acts that have garnered worldwide attention and praise. However, she does not stop there—she channels her ideas into her home décor and you cannot help but feel amazed by her choices.

Her house imbibes in sophistication with peculiar touch-ups. She prefers keeping furniture timeless and classic and pays great attention to details and accessorizing. Her idea is to blend the traditional with the modern, and the way she ensures that is simply amazing.

Ellen is everyone’s favourite—so is her taste in home décor!

2. Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller loves details, but he wants detailing done beautifully. His house is blessed with architectural wonders, with stained beams featuring on the ceiling that perfectly overcasts itself over the dark furniture placed on the ground.

If you look into rooms of his house, you would stumble upon recurring doorways that add elegance to the masculinity of the spaces. And, yes, how can we forget ‘Blue’—his love for blue is effortlessly evident.

3. Julianna Moore

Julianna Moore is known for giving her own inputs in home decoration. She designed her beautiful New York pad, and the design speaks out more about her. There arecolour, elegance and casualness so characteristic of Julianna herself.

Her house features a concoction of vintage and low-end pieces, giving it an easy rather than fancy appearance. Simplicity is her charm—it has always been.

We can all agree that if she gives up her stardom, she can excel quite easily in interior designing. Well, whatever the case may be, we totally love her designs, and you should too.

4. Adam Levine

The ‘Animal’ star has quite a taste—in music and home décor. Just like the way he brings out emotions incredibly, he ensures that his house reflects everything that is true to him.

His house is simply done, yet there are certain things about it that cannot be easily explained. At first, you would find certain combinations unacceptable, but as you roam around his house, paying attention to every element in his home décor, you would realise that the design is surprisingly good.

Well, his home décor is like one of those catchy songs—you do not like them first, but the more you listen to them, the more you get hooked. Yeah, this is the ideal way to explain Adam Levin’s taste in home décor.

5. Keri Russell

Keri Russell is all about elegance. Her house features everything that might remind you of grace, but there is this thing about her house that makes it stand out, and that is rustic finishes.

Her Brooklyn house is remarkable more because of its rustic finishes than architectural elegance. It embodies a perfect amalgamation of rustic but modern elements with casualness. You will notice that the designs are imbued with 20th-century touch-ups that totally elevate the interior to a whole new level.

Keri Russell has managed to do it all without losing her feminine pinch—you will find it floating around inside the house!

6. Christina Aguilera

Making a powerful appearance on this list, the singing sensation Christina Aguilera has a sensational taste in home décor.

Christina carries her quirkiness everywhere, even to her home. Her house embodies looks pretty much like that of her crazy concert customs. You will find eccentric patterns everywhere, and you will feel as if you are engaged in any adventurous sport you so wanted to try out once in your life.

What amazes us is the fact that there is richness in her crazy home décor!

7. ZooeyDeschanel

Zooey is known for her energy and adorable attitude. She has these imbibed into her house décor. There is everything in the design—retro vibes, energy and admiration. She believes that all of these can be conveyed without any loaded, flamboyant exhibitionism, and well, she manages to do that very well.


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