7 Amazing Interior Designers in India you should Know

Interior designing took some time to establish its presence in India, but when it did, everyone started acknowledging the importance of interior designing and that Indians should move beyond conventional but overworked interior designs.

With time, India witnessed a surge in the number of interior designers, and many of them went on to garner international acclaim. These interior designers are big-time entrepreneurs now and are among the most sought-after personalities in the designing world.

The introductory tone of the article must have already helped you guess what we are going to talk about.

We are going to list down seven really amazing interior designers who have changed the face of Indian interior designing industry.

7 Amazing Interior Designers in India you should Know

So, without further ado, let us begin.

1. Sanjiv Punjabi and Sangeeta Merchant

The duo plays cleverly with fresh ideas, and their experiments have helped them expand their business to India and East Africa. With their great business, the duo has been able to come up with diverse designs catering to the nuances of various cultures.

Every design the duo comes up with has an underlying meaning and inspiration. It is their honesty with values of the sites which they are renovating or creating that help them bring out the best.

2. SidharthaTalwar, AnkurChoksi and AmrishArora

Each person in this trio specialises in distinct areas—Architecture, Graphic Design, and Engineering. The trio has successfully managed to leverage their skills into amoney-making business, but in this process of money-making, they have never compromised on quality.

The trio is famous for its peculiar design ideas which may surprise you at first but you will eventually appreciate the meaningfulness behind them. Their perspective is fresh and honest, and with a pinch of experimentation, their outputs are incredible.

If you are enthusiastic about rich visual details, the trio will do your job perfectly.

3. Christopher Lee and Kapil Gupta

Both designers belong to Serie Architects that operates offices in Beijing, London and Mumbai. Working in an ever-growing, highly successful partnership, the duo has produced a number of urban designs which have garnered much attention from the public.

The industrial-craft quality which the duo delivers will totally make you spellbound and you would not have doubts about what they have done. If you have been to Mumbai, you might have come across Tote or Blue Frog—well, that is them.

4. Rajiv Saini

What is most impressive about Rajiv Saini is that he is an autodidact. He started his business in the year 1995, and ever since then, his business has grown bigger and his reputation grown more respectable.

Rajiv Saini is known for contemporary but culturally inspired designs that are seasoned with modernistic ideas. He is crazy famous among elites, but despite his fame, he avoids mingling with mainstream media and does not engage in flamboyant exhibitionism.

If you are curious as to what works he has created, we will tell you one—the Devigarh Palace in Udaipur has been touched up by Rajiv Saini and it is one of the best designs you will come across.

5. SameepPadora

SameepPadora is a notable interior designer who is usually engaged in residential and commercial projects. He also does product design.

Sameep is famous for a number of reasons, but the most notable one is his affection for modernity. His designs are reflective of modernistic ideas, which blend effortlessly with the surroundings. His works have been lauded by the International community; a number of his works have been featured in the prestigious the Phaidon Atlas of Contemporary World Architecture.

Every work of his has a magical magnetic pull—be it Palatte, the Galeecha showroom or Indigo Deli.

6. Aamir Sharma and Hameeda

Aamir Sharma is a Hyderabad-based interior designer who is known for the use of industrial material palatte—be it raw black slate, rusted metal sheets or concrete unfinished walls. He marvellously combines customised art with his love for ruggedness and shapelessness.

His eccentric experiments with designs manage to bring out an inexplicable sense of earthiness, and this is responsible for his huge success in the industry.

Aamir Sharma finds residential design his forte, but he has been frequently involved in restaurant and retail designs as well.

 7. SidharthaTalwar, AnkurChoksi and AmrishArora

Shabnam Gupta loves spaces—big or small—and she does them with such perfection and glamour that one cannot help but wonder.

She tinkers with spaces and infuses them with eccentric but adorable quality. While she is at it, she will not compromise on details and fill spaces with intricate but rich designs adding glory to her creations.

Shabnam Gupta’s designs are created with an aim to deliver quality by ensuring space management. So, does not matter how big or small your space is, Shabnam Gupta will revamp them into masterpieces.


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