Top Trendy Designs for Bedroom Wallpaper

Wall treatments have been the same and yet have been different over the decades. One of the most basic wall treatments includes paint and wall paper, but the same old boring treatments can be used radically to provide the much needed bang.

The perfect prints and colors used unusually bring oomph to the bedroom.

Bedroom Wallpaper

The type of wall paper you choose and the way you choose to display it can make all the difference. Bold, beautiful prints, regular prints, bling prints, metallic prints can all be used in the bedroom to add pizzazz to it.

The colors and prints that you choose will depend a lot on the look that you want to create. You could decide on a design and then choose your wall paper or if you love a particular wall paper design, the room can be designed to flaunt it too.

One of the easiest ways to make a bold statement is to choose a wall paper with a really bold print and use it behind the bed. It will transform your homely bedroom into a hotel bedroom.

It will bring instant style and chic. Wall paper prints in colors like black or red look perfect. Set the wall paper off with use of subtle colors in the rest of the bedroom.

If you have a narrow bedroom or feel that the ceiling is a tad bit low, striped wall papers can come to your rescue. Use vertical stripes to enhance length and horizontal stripes for extra width. The choice color will also add to the feeling of space.

Do you think that the wall paper is to be used only on walls? Well then break a mould and use wall paper on your bedroom furniture. Bold colors and prints can be used on a side table to add more life to it.

The wall paper may be used in strips on the drawer fronts, to add that extra color to the bedroom. The print color can be carried forward into the bedroom with accents in the same shade.

Wall paper can also be used on shelves. Subtle metallic prints in gold or silver can make the book shelf look attractive. Use the wall paper on the vertical insides for sudden glimpses of it will create interest.

A very unusual use of the wall paper would be to use it as a headboard.

Yes, you read it right. Choose a wall paper to go with your bedroom décor and the bed. Use enough strips on the wall behind your bed to make it look like a larger than life headboard. Frame it with wall paper borders to complete the look.

Choose a bold wall paper and then design the room to go with it. Use subtle colors all around with splashes of the bold wall paper color in the form of bed linen, cushions, rugs or throw pillows.

Go crazy with your favorite print, take it to the ceiling. It may seem like a highly unusual thing to do, but it will create the perfect wow factor. Instead of a featured wall you have a featured ceiling.

Wall papers can be also used to create different spaces in the same room. You can even try and use the same wall paper both horizontally and vertically on the same wall or different walls. Try using metallic prints on the walls to create a boudoir look. A little creativity and plenty of imagination is the way to go.


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