Wallpaper Scraps for a Lovely DIY Touch

The wallpaper goes to the wall, right? Well, not necessarily. In case you have a bit more imagination you could bring your home to life with a bit of wallpaper added here and there.

You might have never thought about this, but wallpaper could be used as a table topper. All you have to do is to paint the table with two coats of metallic paint. Once these layers have dried, apply a layer of metallic glaze to add some extra shimmer.

Wallpaper Scraps

After this last layer has dried as well, cut a scratch of wallpaper that fits the top of the table. Apply decoupage glue to the table and place the wallpaper. After this apply several layers of decoupage glue. In the end add some spray sealant as the finishing touch.

If you happen to have a boring old glass-front bookcase, you should forget about throwing it away. It could become the perfect serving cart through the addition of some colorful wallpaper. Firstly, remove the legs and doors, and then apply prime and paint.

Once the paint has dried, apply the wallpaper to the outside of the case and install casters to the bottom. In the end reattach the legs and doors.

An entry could also be spiced up through using some wallpaper. The cubbies that you use could be brought to life through the addition of some color. These also help the family keep things in order.

The back of the lockers could also be more interesting by adding some color, but this shouldn’t overshadow the color of the cubbies.

Decorative shutters could also use some wallpapers. Remove the fabric and the rods from the panels. The look is also complimented by a coat of new paint. Cover plywood panels with the wallpaper of your choice and tack them onto the back.

In the moment when you get to the bedroom, the most important item that you will see is the bed. Maybe this needs a little makeover too. The easiest thing to change (besides the linens) is the headboard.

This is the place that is screaming for wallpaper. Cut the wallpaper according to the shape of the headboard and attach it to the wood according to the instructions offered by the manufacturer. Most probably you will have to use glue and some sealing products.

As you might see, offering a makeover to your home isn’t as difficult as it may seem at first even if all you have for it is wallpaper scraps and glue.


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