From Multipurpose Living Room to Inspired Decorative Touch

Every person from time to time feels the need for a change, and this change could start with your home. You might feel that there is something wrong with a certain room, or you would simply like something new. In case there are two focal points in a room, there are some steps that you could take to remodel the room and make it more functional.

If you have seating of different colors, it could be a good idea to make all of them more “shinny”. For example in case of a red sofa, combining it with a light colored arm chair will make the arm chair look quite pale, so you should add some color to it.

Living Room Decoration

Windows are a great way to add light to a room, but you shouldn’t be thinking only about light. The curtains are also important to add color to the room, and don’t forget that on sunny days the light can make watching TV difficult.

Also if you don’t have the right kinds of curtains, you could end up having some privacy issues. It is very possible that you wouldn’t like the neighbors to stare at you while you are watching a movie. You could add some blinds with some color and choose for them a fabric with stripes, for they make the room look taller.

The living rooms usually have numerous items that are needed, and these might be stored in open spaces along the wall. This is a great option to store all the electric equipment, games, remote controls, blankets, photos and movies, but in case there are too many items on display, they could create an overwhelming feeling.

This is why it could be a good idea to hide these items. As a solution, you could turn the open storage solutions into closed storage, and the color of the cabinets can be used to recreate the feeling of wide space that has been taken by making the shelves become cabinets.

If you are done with all this, the new room starts to come to life, but there is still a lot to do, including rearranging the furniture. In this moment there are three main things that you have to keep in mind: function, flow and focal point.

It is important for the people living in the house to reach all the elements of the room and to have open space towards the focal points (the TV or the fireplace for example).


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