Romantic Soaking Via Japanese Bathtub Style

There are several reasons to climb into the tub. If you’re just home from work and want to clean up, then that long ceramic thing in the bathroom will work just fine.

japanese sit bath tub

But if you’ve had a tough day at work and need to soak away all the tension that old thing won’t do the trick. You need a bit more.

Most bathrooms are fairly cramped by the tub. This is a problem easily fixed and at the same time giving you a hot steamy haven from the world.

japanese sit bath tub 1

Japanese bath tubs are free standing and will fit nearly any where in your bathroom.

The Sorrento sit bath for example will completely immerse your whole body and the choices of patterns, from floral to minimalist white will add a sense of laid back style to any bathroom, making the whole place more relaxing.

japanese sit bath tub 2

Source: trendir


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