How To Make Your Own In-Wall Wardrobe?

Sometimes existing closets can have such limited space, that there are still many clothes that have nowhere to go, plus, when a room is really small, there may be little room for a dresser to hold the rest of the clothes.

If there is a section of the wall that has a sort of built in closet space without the closet, one can be made for that space.

The first thing needed will of course be the tools such as screwdrivers, screws, sandpaper or a sander as well as measuring the space.

While the height of the wardrobe closet may vary slightly, if there will be clothes hung up on hangers, at least 2 feet of height should be factored in.

Also, when deciding on the width and depth of the wardrobe, keep in mind things such as if there is electrical wiring through the wall and where.

wall wardobeMake sure the thickness of the foundation or framing of the wardrobe is 2×4 because it must be secure to hold the weight of everything else. Depth should be 27 inches at the minimum.

Solid wood is a must, be sure not to use pressed wood as weight will break it down.

It’s hard to build a wardrobe, but patience and finding the perfect tutorial will help to ease the confusion. Just don’t rush.


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