Green Is A Design Trend That Will Continue Into 2010 And Beyond

Green is not just a buzzword; it is not just a fad or a here today gone tomorrow kind of trend.

Green design is now synonymous with energy efficient, sustainable and eco friendly and this translates not only into that which is good for the environment, it is also good for you and me.

green designIf you give it some thought, you will see that what is genuinely ‘green’ makes eminently good economic sense as well. If solar electricity panels and wind turbines are so good for the environment, they are going to be good for your finances in the long run.

And being green and sustainable now, means that whatever resources we have at our disposal today are going to stretch that much longer for us to utilize and enjoy.

Organic is another buzzword today, eat organic, wear organic. And how does this make economic sense? Because in the long run this is probably going to help you make savings in terms of medical bills.

The less pollutants and toxicity you allow entering your body or being in your vicinity, the less chance it has of having a detrimental effect on your health. Also the less pesticide and chemical fertilizer you pump into the earth, the less will enter our systems.

Green and sustainable makes a lot of economic sense; for take the following examples for instance:

CFL light bulbs

  • When you buy insulation material for your home’s insulation, this is going to have a significant and noticeable reduction in your electricity bill. A well insulated home is a more energy efficient home, so this translates to savings.
  • Making provisions for letting in natural lighting in your home by virtue of skylights etc., will also reduce your electricity bills.
  • CFL lights do of course use far less electricity than the traditional incandescent bulb, so they mean savings. Then again there are LED lights that are even more home energy efficient; up to 33% more energy efficient
  • If it is recommended that we reduce our load on the grid by installing solar panels on our roofs or by installing windmills, then think of the savings it means for the individual!
  • If they say electric vehicles are the autos of the future because of their zero emission and zero pollution modus operandi, think of all the savings they make for us not having to depend on our gas guzzlers!

For all these and many other reasons, green design for our homes is going to be a trend that will carry on for the foreseeable future.


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