Clean Air Condition Filters for a Safe Air at Home

Air conditioners make the life of people a lot easier, but they also need some maintenance from our part. The most important thing is to keep the filters clean, because they could have bacteria and other microorganisms that could cause illness and diseases to those who breathe the air that has been filtered by the machine.

In order to clean the filter you will need certain objects, such as a vacuum, screw driver, rag, small basin, vinegar and also an old towel.

Clean Air Condition FiltersOpen the air conditioner

When doing so you should make sure that it is turned off for your own safety.

You should carefully remove the different parts of the air conditioner and in case you find fitted screws, remove them using the screwdriver.

Remove the filters

When removing the filters you should inspect them to see whether they have any tears or any signs of wearing. In case you see any damages it would be better to change the filter because their efficiency could be decreased.


You can be sure to find accumulated dirt and grime and these should be removed with the help of the vacuum. You should take the time to make a thorough job in order to achieve effective results.

Sanitize the filters

Take the basin and fill it with equal amounts of water and vinegar. You should have enough mixture for the filters to succumb in it when placed into the basin. The vinegar is able to kill all the harmful bacteria and allergens that have been accumulated in the filters.


Let the filters soak for a while in the mixture. If they have not been sanitized for a longer period of time, you should let them in for about four hours. On the other hand, if they have been recently cleaned, it is enough to allow them one hour for soaking.


Remove the filters from the mixture and allow them to drain off. Never rinse the filters, because the effects of the sanitizing could be reversed. Place the parts on the old towel to absorb the excess solution.


The filters should be naturally dried. It is a good idea to place them in towel and leave in the sunshine to speed up the drying process.

Fit the filters

Place the components back and change the parts that seem to be worn. In the end you will have cleaner and healthier air in the house.


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