What Bathroom Trends Rock 2011 So Far?

The majority of people make a bathroom when they purchase a house and they don’t really think about changing it at some point. In case you would like to keep up with new trends, changing is something you should consider for every season comes with new trends.

Vintage furniture and accessories

At the moment one of the major trends is having antique bathroom cabinets and bathroom décor, not to mention the fixtures. You could be thinking about carved wood shelves or custom made modern mirror frames. In order to get this kind of bathroom furniture you should consider high quality plastic, natural stone or exotic wood for the furniture and the tub.

Bathroom Trends 2011( photo by www.femmetalks.com)

Modern bathroom showers

Economy is an important trend in 2011 and so a lot of people opt for the energy and water saving showers and whirlpools. The main point of showers this year is to be charming, healthy and functional. The showers should be part of your eco living, and so they should help you with your healthy lifestyle, while being part of the green concept.

Eco bathtubs

The eco-friendly ideas have affected not only the showers, but the bathtubs as well. There are numerous innovative acrylic bathtubs that come with built in LED lights and wall décor that also come with LED lighting. These designs are fabulous and in the same time they are ecological. These lights are energy efficient, and the tubs come with control systems that regulate the temperature and the pressure, this way making it possible to save water.

Back to the basics

Stone and wood are also trendy in this season and besides the fact that they keep heat well, they are also eco-friendly materials. You can use granite, marble or onyx besides the stainless steel fixtures and the modern glass shelves. In case you would like to have something warmer, you could also go for the wooden tubs. The stone tubs keep the water warm and you can add some elegance and sophistication through installing LED lights in the floor.

Going green

If you think about going for the cozy and warm wood furniture combined with modern stainless steel fixtures you will achieve an amazingly modern look through the use of contrasts. Add fresh flower bouquets or dried flower decorations for a design that is close to nature, or opt for forest green plants that would remind you of the beauty of the jungle.


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