Optimize your Bathroom Space this Summer

Every home owner dreams of revamping his or her bathroom and summer is the best occasion to do so. If you are not ready to invest a lot in new tiling or painting and you love your bathroom fixtures but still feel the need to change something, here are some ideas to use this 2013 summer.

Optimize your Bathroom Space this Summer

Things to keep in mind

Change is not always for the better. Ask for a second opinion and think space optimization rather than replacing anything that is not fitting your idea of organized bathroom space.

You should always keep in mind that the target is for the bathroom to not be crowded because a space in which you bump into things or other people is not an optimized space.

Optimize the space

A shower door can always come in your way while moving through the bathroom. Choose a sliding door for a more open space.

Remove any mobile cabinets and dirty clothes baskets. Instead choose built in cabinets up on the wall that would help with storage but will not be in your way.

Optimize the look

Add a touch of vintage and in case you can’t afford replacing the bathroom door add some brass towel hangers and a matching bras doorknob for a vintage touch.

 You can always give a new life to the tiling. Simply use the right cleaning solution and add details like a chair rail cap molding for a new finishing effect.

Practical over perfect

You can always use a revamped bras wine rack for a towel rack and roll the clean towels instead of folding them. Also you can always paint the bathroom furniture for a fresh look.

Always remember that the color theme you use inside your bathroom has everything to do with how fresh the entire bathroom looks.

Smart built in storage places can look even better if they are kept in order. Clutter and items gathered one on top of the other have a lot to do with how bad the entire bathroom looks.

The simplest choice

When optimizing the bathroom space you should consider how fixed items are displayed. In case you don’t want to take drastic measures and modify the plumbing to move the toilette to have more space, avoid crowding the bathroom with storage units. You can always store items elsewhere and leave the bathroom  be used only for its original purpose.


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