Area Rug Ideas For Decorating Your Interiors

Traditionally, floors options have included tiles, hard wood or carpeting. But today many options are available to highlight floors.

Creative use of these and the right combination of interiors will bring a new dimension to your rooms without much effort or investment.

In this direction, we suggest a few techniques of using area rugs which are a great way to add effortless elegance and freshness to your décor

Perfect the size


The basic trick to getting the area rug decoration right is by choosing the perfect size. As a rule select an area rug that is smaller in dimensions than the area covered by its furniture. It should be just enough for the first two legs of the furniture to be placed on the rug, leaving the rest on the floor. This gives space for movement and clearly segregates the area.

Bold patterns


Patterned area rugs add interest to the otherwise monotonous décor. They can vary from animal prints to psychedelic patterns done in bold hues. They balance the other elements in the room by drawing attention to the pattern. If your room is small and has very few accessories and display pieces to show off then a nice, patterned area rug is all that you need.

Colorful accents

Colorful accents

If you are not willing to take the risk of choosing bold colored furnishings then choose rugs with colorful accents. This idea is particularly useful in decorating large rooms where the area rug doubles up as a space defining tool. It not only adds color but also helps define distinct areas for use. For instance, it could differentiate a formal seating space from the rest of the room which may be used as a reading room or study.

Unconventional shapes

Unconventional shapes

Narrow rooms are particularly difficult to design and decorate. In such situations introducing area rugs in complementary shapes can help give the room a spacious feel. For instance, a rectangular rug for a long table or a hexagonal rug for a square table will give breadth to the space.

Centre stage


The general trend is to get a rug that goes with the décor of the room. However, an out-of-the-box solution can be to go reverse. Get a nice rug and design the room around it. Get a table to complement the shape and pattern of the rug. Then choose furnishings to go with it. Finally go for the wall color and accessories that gel with this look.

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