Seven Simple Organization Tips

An organized home not only looks attractive to the eye, but only ensures that you easily find the things that you are looking for.

You need to know some tricks which will help you maintain things in order.

Simple Organization Tips

1. Bookshelf

Bookshelves definitely allow storing your favorite book collection, but they can also be used for stacking magazines; Albums and special event photographs; collections like antique glass, shells, unusual baskets and other obsessions. Place like items together, so as to locate them easily, rather than searching every shelf. If the bookshelf is close to a desk, then use the nearest shelf for storing desk necessities such as pens, paper, pencils, notepads, staplers and few reference books.

2. Baskets

Baskets not only serve as decorative items, they are also useful for storing different types of items like shells, firewood, crayons or fresh fruits. They work in every type of house, be it traditional, contemporary, formal or casual. Use these inexpensive and charming baskets to store a range of items orderly and efficiently.

3. Kitchen Storage

Using containers for storing food staples like sugar, tea, coffee, cereal and pasta is a key to more storage space in kitchen. You can opt for ceramic, tin or glass containers which look classy. Moreover, pretty containers enhance the beauty of your kitchen. You can place containers on baker’s rack or on small etageres. Take your kitchen decor to another level, by adding baskets and some plants.

4. Entertainment Centers

You can store all entertainment items such as DVD players, movies, remotes and video games in one place along with your TV. Your entertainment center becomes the focal point of attraction, when some decor items are added to it.

5. Closet Structure

Get a custom made closet or find one which consists of built-in shelves, drawers at different levels, tie bars, double-hung rods, hooks for hanging caps, hats and cubbies for placing shoes. You can get your closet transformed at a home improvement outlet near you and all your dressing necessities will be stored in a neat, clutter free manner. You may realize you have too many items to store at home and require a storage facility. If you’re in the New York City area, some storage companies will arrange for storage pickup in Manhattan.

6. File Cabinets

Before the computers became popular, most homes consisted of huge desks and drawers to store all kinds of files, papers, instruction manuals and warranties. You can use files and simple file cabinets to store important household documents.

7. Foyer organization

Your receiving area is the first thing, which draws the attention of your guests. Keeping it well organized, helps in setting the right tone for your visitors. Use a small table, a decorative rack or simple shelves to store the things which you need most handy, which fits your style.


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