Eerie Decorating Ideas for Halloween

Halloween decoration is so much fun, as you come out of your usual décor and design unusual things, which set the festive mood of the year.

If you are planning to throw a Halloween party, all you’ll need is your creativity and some crafting materials to create a perfect Halloween environment. Here are some refreshing ideas which will spook up your fright fest.

Eerie Decorating Ideas for Halloween


To create a killer entrance, line up the pumpkins on the door way and place the ravens on top of bare branches, using pumpkins as the base.

Cobweb Cookies

To conjure a creepy looking dessert, frost sugar cookies topped with royal white icing. Use piping of black icing to create cobwebs, beginning from the center of the cookie.

Creepy Crawlers

You can use mini pumpkins to create spidery votives. Scoop them out and stuff them with tea lights and affix some pipe cleaners.

Spooky Window

Create dark shadows using candlelight in the window corners. Cobwebs, White tapers, candelabra and flying bats enhance the eeriness.


Carve out a scowling jack-o-lantern and fix it on top of dressmaker’s dummy. Drape it in tattered cheesecloth and place it in the foyer.

Scary Wheelbarrow

Use your garden wheelbarrow by filling it with plastic bones and dirt as a decorative item. Place it in your front yard. When plastic tombstones are teamed with this wheelbarrow, it creates a chilling scene.

Skeleton Tree

For creating a ghostly effect, suspend plastic skeletons from a tree in the front yard. You can use this eerie idea in decorating your interiors as well, by hanging miniature plastic skeletons from your chandelier.

Ghostly Gallery

Decorate your mantel with the portraits of 19th century, by mounting them on black-colored mats and placing candles, to create a somber looking ghost gallery.

Frightful Masks

Cut out scary looking masks using black material and use a black ribbon as a string. Fit these on your carved pumpkins to make them look more frightening.

Gloomy scene

Hang spider webs across your patio and plant tiny strobe lights behind these cobwebs. Flashing strobe lights, paired with dull webs, add a gloomy aura to your outside area.

Motion-Activated Spooky Characters

Decorate your home interiors or porch with motion-activated items like skeletons, scarecrows and movie characters which give the real scares to the trick-or-treaters and your guests.


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