Your Checklist For Cleaning On A Monthly Basis

cleaningHomemakers know that there are certain tasks that you do on a daily basis, chores that can be done weekly and to keep things really sparkling clean some of the larger jobs you often dread on a monthly basis.

If you tackle them on a monthly basis, you will find that when it is time for spring cleaning it won’t be so overwhelming.

  • Washing the Windows
  • This is a task that no homemaker wants to tackle, especially when it comes to cleaning the windows on the outside. If your windows are high up be sure you have a ladder and a partner so that an emergency situation can be avoided. Use a soft chamois cloth and if windows are not really dirty, just wipe them down with cool water. If they are grimy and full of marks from wandering little fingers, your best bet is to use commercial spray cleaners for glass.

  • Wash the Area in and Around Your Trash Bin
  • You may not realize it but the trash bin and its surrounding areas are a hot bed of dirt, grease, food specks and a whole lot of germs. Cleaning the trash pail as well as the areas around it will ensure that no one in your family will become ill from any germs that are hiding in the cracks and crevices.

  • Ugh, the Stove!
  • Grease spots, baked on grime and food are what most kitchens sport before a thorough cleaning. Clean the cook top of the stove once it is cool. Lift the drip pans and give them a nice long soak in warm water and soap.  To clean the surface of the stove you might use a cleaner specifically manufactured for that purpose or you might want to make your own cleaning solution from vinegar and water.

  • Cleaning the Fridge
  • It’s never a task that anyone relishes, but one that must be done at least on a monthly basis. Take everything out of the fridge and wipe down the shelves with water that is warm and soapy. Before you return the items to the fridge, get rid of old, moldy and unidentifiable food and while you are in there, practice a little organization so you don’t have to go searching for something you are craving.

    If you practice a little monthly maintenance, you may never have to do a major clean up ever again. Keeping up with dirt and grime is easier than letting it go so you don’t want to deal with it at all.


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