Tips to Get Rid of the Burnt Smell from Food

While cooking, many people have faced the debacle when their food gets burned. Moreover, if you are running short of time and have some special occasion to serve your cooking, you tend to feel completely clueless as to what exactly needs to be done with the food.

In such situations you need guidance to remove the burnt smell which not only ruins the food but also make your house or kitchen smell foul. Below given are few tips to get rid of the burnt smell from the food:

get rid of the burnt smell from food

Tips to Get Rid of the Burnt Smell from Food

Often, when you are multitasking while cooking, or you had an important phone call or the door bell rang, the food start to burn. Burnt food emits a foul smell. But there are some ways to get rid of the smell.

  • The easiest way is to transfer the rest of the food to a clean pot, without scrapping the food out of the burnt one. Once you have done the transfer, taste the food and make alterations as necessary. You will lose a bit of the food but if you scrap the burnt part from the pot, your food will continue having the burnt smell.
  • If there is mild burnt smell in your food even after switching the pot, then you need to use some suitable ingredients in order to make the food smelling nice. One important addition could be spices that are compatible with the dish. If you can add them in quantities that are appropriate, that will do the trick.
  • If your dish already has potatoes, they have absorbed the burnt smell. So pick them if possible and throw them away. Also, take some fresh potatoes, peal and add them to the dish. Let the potatoes simmer in low flame, then remove them. This should be done before adjusting the ingredients, though.
  • It has also been argued that using peanut butter in your recipe can help in removing that foul burnt smell which can so easily ruin the recipe. This works best in recipes like soup or stew. This is an old mothers’ solution to fix a dish that has been burnt a little, and definitely worth a try.

Salvaging the food apart, often the whole burnt food episode leaves your kitchen and the rest of the house smelling bad. Here are a few quick fix solutions to that problem as well.

  • The first and most important thing is to throw away the burnt section of the food completely. Do not let it sit in the garbage bin.
  • Next, open up the windows and doors if possible and switch on the fans. Let the air circulate. Use your exhaust fans to the best of their abilities.
  • Put some pieces of lemon in simmering water; keep it for 10-15 minutes. This will give the house a fresh smell.
  • Alternatively, use cloves in simmering water.

These tips will be handy as and when you have a minor accident in the kitchen, and have burnt the food a bit.


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