Five Things a Man Should Never Have in His Home

You are a grown up, and things are no longer the same. You must adapt to a different, more mature lifestyle, and the change begins from home. It is time you started viewing your apartment from a better and fresher perspective which will enhance your personality and help you maintain a better and responsible lifestyle.

Everything about this requires a reality check: you know there are a number of things in your room lying down just like that, purposelessly; the bed-sheets are way too shabby and kiddish; and other sorts. There is so much to be done, but the question is how to go about this. Well, fret not, in this article, we shall explore five things which a man should never have in his home.

Five things a man should never have in his home

1. Get a real bed

Unless you are going through extremely difficult financial situations and cannot afford a proper bed, a mattress without any sort of bed frame is reprehensible. You are a big guy, and this makes it all the more important that you get a real, sophisticated but comfortable bed for yourself. There are many kinds of beds available for all kinds of budget, and all you need to do is simple research.

2. A rack showcasing all your CD and DVD collection is not really that cool now

I know this might hurt sentiments of many readers, but such a rack hardly makes any impression in the21st century. While there may be many DVD fans like you, you know not many will like the showy way you expose your collection to the world. If at all you really want to show-off, then get a good rack for the collection, and make sure that the rack makes your collection a little less apparent.

3. Time to get rid of those fake plants

The idea of having plants sounds great, but fake plants do not do much good—instead they only make the room suffocating. Imagine your friends coming over to your apartment or house, and they stumble upon this beautiful plant only to find it phony.

Grow up and get real plants. They not only provide filtered oxygen but also make your abode look good and fresh.

4. Recycle those empty liquor bottles

Back in college, you and your friends might use to keep bottles in theroom as memorabilia, but now you are a fully grown-up man, who seriously needs to get these bottles out from the apartment/house. It would not make that kind of impression as it used to do.

Recycle them instead and participate in theeco-friendly cleaning process, okay?

5. Makeshift curtains are prohibited

You are no longer living in a dormitory, and therefore, there is no room for makeshift curtains. Sheets, carpet separates, towels, etc do not make good curtains and more importantly, they give the entire room a very unsightly appearance.

Get good curtains, or otherwise people will think that you have still not learnt to live life like a responsible man!


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