5 Ways to Protect Your Kitchen From Pests

The kitchen is one area we cannot afford to mess with!It should be well-maintained and hygienic, and this makes it the most fundamental step to keep off pests. However, pests are annoying and they refuse to leave ground easily, making them one stubborn class of foes.

We have enumerated 5 remedies which can be very effective against pests. These remedies are devoid of chemicals and therefore, do not pose any harm to the kitchen at all.

5 Ways to Protect Your Kitchen From Pests

1. Fresh basil

Fresh basil is a true nemesis to flies, and the moment flies get a hint of basil, they run away. One way to permanently deal with flies is by planting fresh basil plants close to kitchen windows. The smell will force the insects out of the kitchen and keep off the ones swarming outside. An added advantage of keeping fresh basil leaves is that your kitchen will smell nice throughout the day.

2. Bay Leaves

You no longer have to worry about those wood pests as we have bay leaves to our rescue. Dried bay leaves work magic against wood pests as well as silverfish. All you need to do is put a few bay leaves in the corners of your kitchen cabinets or simply make sachets of them from a scrap cloth and hang them inside the cabinets.

In case you want it to have a strongersmell, then you can add cinnamon sticks to bay leaves.

3. Vinegar and coffee grounds

Ants are everywhere, especially when you drop off something sweet. They are always in colonies and this makes it all the more difficult to shoo them away. However, we have a workable solution for this nuisance: get coffee grounds and sprinkle them all over the windows and possible entry points through which ants can pass.

Another brilliant way of keeping at bay ants is vinegar. You need to make a mixture of vinegar and strong smelling oil such as citronella or peppermint and wipe the kitchen counters with them. Make sure you have wiped all over the wall areas and around the edges.

4. Lemon Spray

Spiders, oh, spiders are creepy, and you do not want anything creepy to sneak into your kitchen. So, get some lemon spray and get done with this.

All you need to do is to make a spray with essential oils of orange or lemon and soap water. Add 5 drops of oil in about a liter of water, and that is it! Bottle it up and spray it all over the kitchen. Spray undiluted lemon juice over the cracks in your kitchen to prevent spiders from taking shelter in them.

See, you have everything in your kitchen to protect your kitchen!

5. Eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus oil can handle any type of pest—its pungent smell wards off most of the pests. You may wish to use the undiluted oil to wipe clean kitchen counters or simply mix it with a bit of water and fill it up in a spray bottle.


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