Top 8 Eco Friendly Ways to Clean your House

Of the many good and efficient ways to clean a house, the ones that are eco-friendly go a long way in protecting the environment and giving your fresh and clean air to breathe. It is better to live in a toxin less house as this can help in better sleep, better concentration and also makes babies less fussy. The following is a list of the top 8 eco-friendly ways to clean your house:

eco friendly ways to clean your house

1. Look under the kitchen sink

The area under the kitchen sink is home to many poisons such as waxes, polishes, oven cleaners etc. and these may sometimes leak and drift out which can be a big threat to the children and even adults. Thus these products must be placed in a storage cupboard from where they cannot get out or leak.

2. Clean glasses with newspaper

The best way to clean all the glasses and mirrors of the house is through a newspaper. A slightly wet newspaper can make all the glasses shine and sparkle and this is also a very eco-friendly way to do so. You can also use 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water in the newspaper and then clean the glass

3. Use told towels as cleaning rags

To make best use of old towels, you can cut them into small parts and use them as cleaning rags. This will avoid the need to buy cleaning cloths and also work pretty amazingly as well.

4. Use fresh lemons to eliminate odors

Even the most nasty odors can easily be eliminated using fresh lemons. To freshen up any indoor space, you can simmer lemon peel on the stove top and add water if needed.

5. Use vinegar for cleaning floors

To clean floor, you can use a half and half solution made of white vinegar and water. This mixture can clean absolutely any floor surface and act as an eco-friendly alternative to harsh chemicals and floor cleaning agents.

6. Remove rust with salt and lemon juice

Rust is one of the biggest problems in any household is rust. It is very difficult to clean off but one eco-friendly solution for this is to use salt and lemon juice.

7.Dust with old socks

For dusting, you can make use of old socks rather than throwing them away.

8. Sanitize the sponges with salt

Sponges must be cleaned regularly and one way to clean and sanitize them is by using salt.

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