5 Smart Tips to Make a Ceiling Look Lower

While some people love to make their ceilings look higher for an effect of more space, there are some who would prefer to make it look lower. Ofcourse, the best way to lower down a ceiling is to get the house remodeled but if that is not possible, there are many smart ways in which one can create an effect through which the ceiling may appear lower. The following are the 5 most smart and useful tips to make a ceiling of a space look lower:

tips to make a ceiling look lower

  1. One of the best ways to make a ceiling of a room look lower is to paint the room with warm and dark shades. By painting the walls with a warm and deep color, rather than a light shade, the ceiling will appear to be falling and by adding floor rugs of warm colors, the floor will appear to be rising. Overall, this can help you create the effect you are looking for.
  2. Another useful tip for all those people who wish to make their ceiling look lowered down is to hand paintings and pictures with wider frames rather than longer frames. Wide frames will create an illusion of lowered down ceiling and shortened wall space whereas on the other hand, a long frame will create an illusion of a lengthy wall.
  3. You can also decorate your wall with horizontal lines as this too is another tip to make the ceiling look lowered down. Horizontal lines lengthen the width of the room, thereby shortening the sense of height from any indoor space. To do this, you can choose the room furniture, the wallpaper or paint which has horizontal lines in it. Other things you can use to create such an effect include pillows, cushions, drapes, blinds and couch patterns.
  4. Another useful tip to do so is to use patterns on the ceiling itself. You case either use painted patterns or papered patterns to create an illusion of a lowered down ceiling.
  5. You can use the impact of lighting also to create an effect which makes a high ceiling appear as if it was lower. Place mood lighting a little lower or place feature light right in the center to bring down the height visually. You can also consider placing wall lamps at a lower level or make use of those fixtures which have closed tops.

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