Tips and Tricks to Effectively Clean your Bathroom

Bathroom is one place of the house which is used the most and hence must be cleaned very efficiently. It can be a breeding place for germs and bacteria and special care must be taken to clean it on a regular basis and using the right tools and products.Your bathroom is the one place from which one can get an idea of how you treat your entire house.

tricks to clean your bathroomBelow given are some simple ways and tricks to maintain a clean and hygienic bathroom:

Clean the Overhead Showers

Cleaning the showers can be a tough task if you don’t know the proper way to do it. Since the showers are not cleaned every day, water marks are made on them very easily. A simple trick is to fill a plastic bag with some vinegar and water and cover up the shower with this plastic bag. Leave it overnight and the vinegar solution will clean up all the marks on the shower.

Machine Wash Curtains and Liners

Shower curtains and liners can get very mucky and it is also very difficult to clean the curtains. A black sticky substance settles on them which make them appear very dirty. There is an easy solution to this problem. Once in a week machine wash these curtains along with some used towels. Put some detergent too. These towels will act as scrubbers for the curtains and will remove any dirt that is settled on them.

Clean the Commode

Cleaning the commode is one of the most important task as commode should always be kept very clean because it is the breeding ground for all the germs and bacteria. Just mix some vinegar in water and apply this solution to a brush. Now clean the commode from inside and outside also. You should also clean the bottom and the top as these areas accumulated dust very easily.

Tiles and Marble Should be Taken Care of

Make a soapy solution and sprinkle it on the tiles or marble. Close the bathroom and switch on the hot shower. Let the steam settle down on the walls. Now use a tile brush to scrub off any dirt that is accumulated on the tiles. Take care of all the nooks and corners of the bathroom. For a good care of the tiles apply car wax once in a year.Water will slide off from the tiles during shower because of the wax.

Clean the Sinks

Drain some baking soda or white vinegar in the sink. It’ll make your sink bacteria and germ proof.  Collect any hair that might be accumulated in the sink by using a brush.

Clean the Tub Well

Just fill up the tub with water and add some baking soda/white vinegar to it. Leave it for two hours and then let the water drain away. The baking soda / vinegar will swallow all the dirt on the walls of the tub and leave it sparkling for your next bath.


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