Wireless Security At Home

wireless securityProtecting your home from unwanted intruders, medical emergencies that can arise, and fire is easier to do today with wireless security technology.

You will sleep a lot sounder with a wireless system installed into your home.

Security of your home is not solely the responsibility of the family dog anymore.

There are many different types and brands of wireless security technology to choose from in the marketplace.

You will want to do your homework before installing or having installed any kind of security equipment.

The technology you will purchase should be based on the type of security you feel is needed in your home. This can range from cameras alone to full alarm systems.


Wireless cameras are an important addition to your home’s security. You may want to invest in a wireless camera that can see what is going on outside your home in the daytime and in the nighttime too. This will be possible with a camera that has automatic night vision.

In addition, this wireless camera has a microphone that is built in. These wireless cameras have a receiver that can be attached to any television or video receiver such as a VCR.

You can add two more cameras to this wireless camera system. A wireless camera system will protect your home and your children.


A wireless alarm will be easy for you to install by yourself. The installation will not require you to drill holes in your walls. You can move your security monitors to different positions in your home as needed.

Some wireless alarms have motion detectors and infrared technology built in. You will want to place the main control box by your home’s fuse box. Having a wireless alarm in your home will deter burglars, and unwanted guests.

Glass Break Sensor

Purchasing a wireless, glass break, sensor as a backup to your regular alarm system would be a good idea for you.

These sensors can hear frequencies of breaking glass and will notify your regular alarm in case this happens. Any direction is covered with this sensor up to 25 feet. They can prevent false alarms going off.

Baby Monitors

Your small children can be protected with the use of a wireless baby monitor in their room or nursery.  A wireless system will let you see your child on a monitor that you can hold in your hand.

You will be able to see your child day or night.  These systems include night vision where you can see a clear picture of your child in the dark. If you would like to play lullabies to your child, you can do this through your wireless camera.

Smoke Detectors

Safety from fire is essential in anyone’s home. You may want to purchase a wireless smoke detector to install in your home. With this smoke detector, you will be alerted of any smoke that forms in your home. [Smoke Alarms]

This smoke detector will give you the opportunity to escape before a fire gets too bad.  Wireless smoke detectors run on batteries and can be installed in just a couple of steps.

The convenience of wireless security will make your home a safe haven.


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