Setting Up Your Personal Library

If you are an avid reader it can be a lot of fun to own books. However, once the books start piling up, you will want to find a way to get organized.

After all, trying to find your favorite book can be a real pain when it is buried amongst hundreds of others.

By purchasing a few book cases and setting up a system, you can easily keep track of the books you own, and where there are at.

Use tags or a card library to record each book’s location, and you will be able to find a specific book in seconds.

The biggest problem most people face is designing the right organizational system. Consider the following styles for your library.

Dewey Decimal Options

The Dewey Decimal System is used in most public libraries. It can provide an excellent way to keep up with your books and develop categories. However, if you choose to use this system, you will have to be prepared for constantly maintaining your library.

When new books are added you will have to assign a number, label the book, and create the appropriate file card. This can be very difficult if you are constantly adding new books and have little time for management.

Even though it does require dedication and time, this is considered the most effective organizational technique for a library.

Sorting By Category

A less time consuming option for organizing your library is sorting by category. You can sort books by bookcase. In this case you would separate each category.

Science Fiction, History, Biographies, and Mysteries would each go in a separate book case or shelf. This can make it very simple to find a book based on your mood or the theme you are looking for.

Divide Your Books by Date

If you have a collection that is made up of mostly antiques, you can divide by the publish date of the book. Divide your books by decade, year, or century.

If you have a large selection you will probably want to go with century while a small collection could be done by year.  While this can be a great way to show off your oldest books, you will want to memorize or keep a card file detailing the location of each book.

Separating Your Novels by Reading Level

If your library is for several age groups you may want to separate it by reading level. There are numerous sites online that can help you determine what the reading level of a book is.

If you have material inappropriate for children this may be the best way to go. After all, you don’t want your eight year old reading romance novels.

There are many ways to organize your library. The choice will need to be based on the material you own, and the readers who will be accessing the library.

What may be perfect for one home may not be best for another. The process of getting organized is usually much more important than the style you choose.


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